Hear Me Well is an application that turns your iPhone in a very simple and easy to use hearing aid.


It's really easy to use:


  • Connect your headphones
  • Open Hear Me Well and perform the hearing test... that's it!
  • You can also change the settings remotely through the Apple watch!

How does it work?

Hear me well works with 3 simple steps.


First of all you will be asked to perform an hearing test in order to collect your hearing characteristics.


Then, the results will be processed and finally the equaliser will be tuned for an optimal amplification.

We graduated at Apple Developer Academy and we decided to work as a team. Our first project has been focused to help people with hearing impairments.


We chose to call our group "StoneCutters" because we want to break any difficulty that people with disabilities encouter everyday.

Marco Barattini

Fabrizio Lancellotti

Nello Nigro

Valerio Volpe

Salvatore Raso

Antonio Romano

Ludovico Luca Santucci

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Feel free to contact us for any suggestions or requests, your opinion will be precious to us. Thank you!




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Hear Me Well is not inteded at all to replace any medical or professional advice. Always ask your doctor for professional and medical advice.

This application DOES NOT replace a professional hearing device.


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